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And the journey begins…

February 15, 2010 Leave a comment
Quaid-e-Azam University.. has a really great repute,, InshAllah i am gonna start my MPhil in Computer Sciences in this month, hopefully 🙂 For the time being i am lil anxious, lil sad.. anxious to join in a new environment, sad to leave the existing setup, friends, home everything.. but its life.. we have to move on.. We have to go further, humans are all selfish, what ever we do, what ever we plan, its always for our benefit,,

It will be my first time to completely shift to an independent state, inshAllah the try would be to practice what has been taught(thats a VERY big thing what i just said, though it would be a try, still).. and after many years when i will look back to this post, i would try to recall my bachelors, i know.. :’) it was a hell fun of time, even the toughest times were enjoyed, the tears of that time are smiling crystals for me now :),, this is the so called start of my professional life.. but i do have an aim that i would link back my future to my past.. 🙂 This is something, which only few people would understand, as i(maddy) know it now..

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