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October 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Once its yours, and then ours..
Link a blink of an eye, like sec’s mins and hours..
When you think you own it..
you are done,, you’ve blown it..
Now is no one’s,.. not even its self’s..
It breaks the silence of numbness..
Grabs, holds you back, or Let you free..
Its how how, you take it, how you see..
. . . Every impression you leave.. Every thing you do.. Every move you make..
its there.. Even when you forget it, or when you observe it hard..
Let not the time drive you, You,, You have to rest on it to Fly high..
Even the smallest distinction, turns High.. and big, See it from here.. where i am standing.. am not that high.. I have quit being high.. but Temporal Satisfaction.. No one can decode it.. and if i am late.. not even me..

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